Dont Be Left Without Power Anymore


Save money with solar power together with storage

A photovoltaic system from DRES on your roof transforms the sun's rays into electricity, which you can use for self-consumption.

A photovoltaic system in combination with an electricity storage unit from DRES is particularly clever: This ensures that you can use your solar power even when the sun is not shining - exactly when you need it.

As a result you have to buy less electricity from an energy supplier - and can save up to 80% on electricity costs!

Start saving from day one

Solar power can reduce electricity bills as soon as it is installed

Increase the value of your property

A building with energy saving features is more favourable with buyers

Energy Independence

Produce your own power and save money

Protected against rising electricity rates

Reduce your electricity bill, with free electricity from the sun


Components which complement each other perfectly. This means we offer you the photovoltaic system that is tailored precisely to your requirements.
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